Wakeboard & Ski Boats

Bass Lake Water Sports has top of the line competition wakeboard/ski boats with wakeboard towers, group seating,  and all the bells and whistles.  Speed, performance and lots of smiles are what these boats deliver!

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Wakeboard & Ski Boats (Speed Boats)

Water SkierThese boats are built for speed and fun. Their primary purpose is towing (anything).  Many guests (8+) want to wakeboard these days, while the other thrill seekers (2-100) want a high-speed tube ride.  We also rent surfboards (you can surf behind the boat with no rope).  Yes, you read this correctly.  Shed the rope and shred the wake!  Maybe you want to kneeboard, water ski, or try one of the little ones on our trainer ski’s.  Just like Staples…yeah, we got that!  Our trainer ski is GUARANTEED to get any little one skiing first time, every time.  Guaranteed, or you pay us double.  We have double tubes, 5 man in-line ‘banana’ tubes, kids skis, trainer skis, and kids trainer single skis.

Renting and driving a ski boat is no different than going from a car to an SUV (you just have to get used to it). We offer free driving lessons upon request.  Or you can hire a driver or an instructor to help turn your vacation into a family photo shoot and let us do all the work. We have open bow (8 passenger max) and large V-Drive Open Bow Ski Boats (seats 10 max, great for larger groups). Our ski boats have sky towers for wakeboarding, skiing or tubing.  This helps with pulling the person in the water UP and forward, rather than just forward, assuring success.  It also looks really, really cool!

Boats include 2 skis, flag, rope and vests (deposit and fuel is not included).

Skie Boat

To Reserve a Ski Boat – Click on the boat of your choice.

Half Day time slots are morning (8am-1pm) or afternoon (2pm-7pm)
Full Day time slots are from 8am to 7pm

*Call 1-559-642-3200 to reserve consecutive day rentals, and save, save, save. Consecutive day rentals are Monday-Friday rentals only. Additional deposit may be required. Sell-out and Holiday prices may apply.



Open Bow Comp Ski Boat

8 Passenger Max

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1/2 day Full Day 3 day* (m-f) 5 day* (m-f)
$399 $559 $1268 $1999

Luxury Open Bow V-Drive Ski Boat

Group Seating: Seats 10 Max

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1/2 day Full Day 3 day* (m-f) 5 day* (m-f)
$499 $659 $1499 $2434


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